HiFinance 5




USAGE: To restore a range of invoices to the batch print file. This can be useful when you have chosen to print a series of invoices from batch and there was something wrong with the print or printer. Rather than finding the invoices, one by one, and reprinting them from DEBTOR ENQUIRIES (see SECTION 1.2) you can restore the sequence to the BATCH PRINT INVOICE routine (see SECTION


DISCUSSION: This program is mostly used for restoring print sequences that have been originally created in a long sequence, eg from the CONVERT SALES ORDERS routine (see SECTION The program allows a range of audit numbers to be restored, not individual invoices. If you do not know the range, you can either use one of the transaction reports, or view the transactions in the Trade Debtors account in GENERAL LEDGER ENQUIRIES (see SECTION 6.2).


The following question asks you to enter both a lower and upper limit. The upper limit must not be less than the lower limit. The default answers define the extreme limits of the field. You do not have to change all of these limits. Only change the ones you wish to, and tab past the others.


AUDIT NUMBER RANGE Enter the first and last (inclusive) transaction audit number you wish to restore. You may only enter one range.


To start the update, press <Enter> through each field or simply press <F10>.


HiFinance will scan the Invoice transaction file within the audit number range you have chosen. Any invoice it finds, that is not already on the batch file, will be written to that file. Once the process has finished, you can either enter another range (by entering the program again) or you can proceed to the batch print routine and re-initiate the print run.

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