HiFinance 5




USAGE: To import a file containing a list of new records to add to the Taxi master-file. The input file is required to be in a very strictly stylised format so that HiFinance can allocate data to the correct fields on the correct Taxi records. This function is only relevant for specific sites.


DISCUSSION: Make sure that you have a good backup of your data and that no-one is using HiFinance during the update. HiFinance may not update the files as you expected and the only completely safe way to correct the mistake is to restore your data from backup.


The import file required must be called taxicards.csv, although case is not important in Windows. This file must reside in your data directory, eg \HF5DATA\COMP1. Also, the file must not be in use. This is important because if you have created the file from a spreadsheet and have saved it but not closed it, the file will still be locked by the spreadsheet program and HiFinance will not be able to open it.


The input file must be in CSV format. This is a comma-delimited file (without quotes) with one record per line. Exporting from Excel, choosing the CVS format, will produce the correct format automatically. Each alphanumeric field must be left justified. HiFinance will make no attempt to remove leading spaces (for names, etc.). Numeric fields should not have any dollar signs or commas. Do not use commas in any alpha fields. These will be treated as a field break and HiFinance will not import the row correctly.


The first line of the input file must contain only field names. It must be exactly:




... where the commas in the above line signify a change of column.


The CARD_NUMBER can be in the format of a full 16 digit number or the shortened C-format.


Note: OTHER_KEY 1,2 and 3 are in their generic names. This is to make the program work irrespective of what you choose to rename them to.


The new information must then be entered in columns corresponding to the heading. No fields may be added or deleted or transposed.


When the program starts, it will firstly check whether the import file exists and is accessible. Having established this, HiFinance will read the first line of the file and check for its correctness. If no obvious errors are found, you will be asked to confirm that you have made a backup and then you will be asked to confirm that you wish to proceed.


HiFinance will then read import lines one at a time confirming firstly that the CARD_NUMBER does not already exist in the .Taxi Card master-file, and then add the records. If a line does not verify, it will be skipped. HiFinance will continue processing until it reaches the end of the import file. You will then be returned to the MAIN MENU.

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