HiFinance 5




USAGE: This is a special program that prints backorders in Actual Debtor code order. This report is specifically for printing orders for companies that have sub-accounts that order individually.


DISCUSSION: When you choose this option, following questions will appear:


USE LONG FORMAT REPORT†††† If you are using wide stationery, reply Y, otherwise reply N. This question will only be displayed if the relevant option is set to A, see SECTION 7.1.2.


ORDERS UP TOHere you enter the cut off date for the report.


The following question asks you to enter both a lower and upper limit. The upper limit must not be less than the lower limit. The default answers define the extreme limits of the field. You do not have to change all of these limits. Only change the ones you wish to, and tab past the others.


DEBTOR CODE RANGE††††† This is the Actual Debtorís code.


In all cases, the default answers are the extreme limits of each range. So if you do not wish to limit the report on a particular field, just bypass it.


To start the report, press <Enter> through each field or simply press <F10>.


The report will scan the sales order transaction file and extract all records that fit within your chosen parameters. The report itself will detail the Customerís name and address and each Inventory code with a backorder and the quantity outstanding.

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