HiFinance 5




This menu leads to special programs that affect the extended Pickup & Delivery programs. These program are designed to allow fast entry of truck pickup and delivery information. Here you can enter an entire truck run, starting from the pickup, moving through to the delivery, delivery costs and reconciliation. The programs will create all the necessary purchases, purchase orders and link to sales-orders. Invoices can be printed directly from the entry when the update has completed. There is also the option to save a partial entry if, for instance, you find that you do not have complete information. Any number of shipments can be saved (for any number of trucks) but it advisable to update each truck in date order unless the truck is left with no fuel after the shipment is complete. Otherwise, complications will occur with SOH in the truck, as each truck is maintained as a separate inventory Location.


The SHIPMENTS MENU is accessed as item 3 on the PICKUP & DELIVER MENU. On selecting this menu the following screen will be displayed:



To return to the PICKUP & DELIVER MENU, press <ESC>.

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