HiFinance 5




USAGE: This program is used to apply an account fee based on the menu leads to special programs designed to run through all the account files for a range of dates (actually for one period) and apply any transaction fees for the number of transactions it finds. This program is only relevant for sites using the Cards System.


DISCUSSION: This function must be run before the statements are run, although the statement program will warn you if it not run first.


When you choose the option, the screen appears as follows:




The date should be the last day of the period just ended.


The program scans through the customer file. Any account that is not dormant and has a non-zero value in the FEE PER PURCHASE field will have its transactions scanned (for the period chosen). The number of purchases less the number of returns is multiplied by the value per transaction and charged, as a journal, to the account. Note that, if there are more returns than purchases, this will cause a credit journal to be generated. HiFinance does not attempt to allocate this journal. It must be manually allocated.


To return to the previous menu, press <ESC>.

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