HiFinance 5




USAGE: This is a special case of a CREDIT-NOTE. It works in a similar way to normal CREDIT-NOTES (see SECTION1.3.2), except that a) it does not return stock, only the value of the stock sold and b) it does not allow you to add new Inventory lines. The purpose of this program is to give the client partial or complete credit for lines on an invoice, without having to go through the process of reversing and re-entering the whole invoice. It is use when the wrong price was charged, or when a line was not supposed to be charged at all.


DISCUSSION: The program starts off in the same way as normal CREDIT-NOTES (see SECTION1.3.2). You must choose a specific Invoice to credit. You are warned if the Invoice has been partially paid.


Use the REVIEW option (<F5>) to choose a line to modify. You can only modify the PRICE and the CREDIT-NOTE CODE. You must modify at least one line. You may also add text lines to the bottom of the Credit-note. Only lnventory lines that have been modified will be updated, the rest will be ignored.


Finally, you are asked to confirm that you wish to proceed with the credit. Once you have entered YES, the rest of the program functions automatically.


Once the transaction has updated, you are given the option to allocate the money.

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