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USAGE: This is a special case of a CREDIT-NOTE, specifically designed to reverse a whole EDI import. Like the normal CREDIT-NOTE function, this option does not actually delete the Invoice but allows you to enter a reversing transaction that will return stock, and reduce the Debtor’s balance, etc. This function should not be used to reverse a INVOICE that has not been created by the Multi-store EDI import program.


DISCUSSION: The EDI import program creates an invoice with specially formatted information, which has a specific look when printed as an invoice. As the invoice posts to multiple Debtor sub-accounts, it would take many credits to completely reverse the transaction. Even then, there would be parts of the Invoice that normal Credit notes would not reverse correctly. Here you pick the transaction, in the main Debtor account and HiFinance work through the transaction, reversing all portions, for all stores.


When you start the CREDIT-NOTE program, the computer will initially ask for a Debtor code. Insert the code and press <Enter>. The Debtor you choose must be the main account (not a sub-account).


To return to the DEBTOR DATA ENTRY MENU, press <ESC>.


To search for a Debtor, press <F9>. For further details on searches, see SECTION 1.2.


Having chosen a Debtor, you will be asked to search for an Invoice that you wish to reverse. The Invoice you choose must be completely un-allocated and must have been created by an EDI import. Scroll down to the desired invoice and press <Enter> or <F10>.


The screen will appear as follows:



You will be asked the following questions.


DATE       You may change the date, but it is usual to enter the same date as the original Invoice.


CREDIT #        This defaults to 1 greater than the last number used. It is normally left unchanged.


CREDIT-NOTE CODE        Here you enter the Credit-note code for the reason for the credit. If you do not know the code, press <F9> to initiate a search.


CREDIT TO WAREHOUSE If you are using the multi-location option, you have the option to return the stock to the same or a different location from where it originally was invoiced.


CHANGE DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS  You may wish to enter, or change the original Delivery Instructions. If so, press Y.


No other fields may be changed from the original Invoice.


At each point you may press <ESC> to abort the line or the whole transaction.


Finally, you are asked to confirm that you wish to proceed with the reversal. Once you have entered YES, the rest of the program functions automatically.

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