HiFinance 5




USAGE: To enter manual Vouchers. These can originate from Sites that do not have electronic means of entering Vouchers, or due to electronic Vouchers that have not processed correctly. This function is only used when you have the Cards System enabled.


DISCUSSION: When you start the VOUCHER ENTRY program, the computer will initially ask for a Site code. Insert the code and press <Enter>.


To return to the DEBTOR DATA ENTRY MENU, press <ESC>.


To search for a Site, press <F9>. The search function actually directs you to the Salesman search but the site numbers are the same. For further details on searches, see SECTION 1.2.


Having chosen a Site, HiFinance will display its name and address. You will next be asked to enter the Card Type.


The screen will appear as follows:



The only options are U for United, N for Norvac, G for Gift or P for Pre-paid. If you press <ESC> you will be returned to the Site Entry prompt.


Having entered a Card Type, you are required to enter the Card number. For Norvac cards, the Card Number is always 4 digits. For all other types, enter the last 8 digits of the card number. The screen will look as follows:



Once you have entered the Card Number, HiFinance will retrieve the card information and display the card details under the Card Number. The screen will appear as follows:



For certain cards, the ODOMETER and REGISTRATION fields are not required.


Enter the Voucher information in the areas provided. You must enter at least one Product. Also, the Voucher number and date are compulsory. When you have entered all the information, the total will be displayed at the last line. Check that this correct before updating the Voucher.


When the Voucher has been updated you will be returned to the Site Code entry area. To use the same Site Code, just press <Enter>. To exit from the program, press <ESC>.

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