HiFinance 5




USAGE: To enquire on the Debtor and Card balances and static information such as the name, balances and notes. To enquire on the transactions pertaining to an individual Debtor. In both cases, information can be displayed on the screen or printed. Information cannot be changed by this option.


DISCUSSION: When you start the enquiry program, the computer will initially ask for a Debtor code. Enter the code and press <Enter>. You can also enter the card number to directly find a Card. The rest of the screens, etc. are identical to DEBTOR ENQUIRIES (see SECTION 1.2) except that there are extra fields and Cards are displayed with only selected information.


The only extra function available is the ability to request an Authorization Number. This is required when sites enter Vouchers via the Pipeline system. To request a Number, press <F6>.

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