HiFinance 4




Errors entered by the operator are normally trapped by the program logic and an appropriate error message is displayed (usually in red if you have a colour screen). However, there is another class of errors that HiFinance traps. These are called file errors. These errors can be generated in several ways, eg power faults during updating, a completely full hard-disk, a network error, etc.


When a file error is detected, HiFinance will pass control to an error handling routine. This program leaves the screen intact, except for the bottom two lines that are used to displayed the name of the file found to be in error, the error code and a short description of the error condition. The computer will beep continuously to further alert you to the fact that there has been an error. The beeping can be stopped by pressing any key, eg. <Enter>.


The steps to be taken by the operator are as follows:


Firstly, press any key (eg. <SPACE>) to stop the beeping.


Next make a note of the error message and explanation. Also, note the part of the program you were in so that a recovery procedure can be initiated. In DOS you have the option to print the screen using the <Shift> and <PrtSc> keys. This will produce a permanent record of the error onto your printer. If your default printer is a laser type, this procedure might not actually print a page until you force a page feed.


The program can be terminated by pressing <Ctrl><K>.


Recovering from a system crash.


Generally, the safest way to permanently correct the fault is to restore your files from your latest backup. This will, of course, remove any transactions entered since the last backup was taken. It is thus useful to firstly print your AUDIT TRAIL, if possible. Any other course should not be attempted without reference to your dealer.


If the error is due to a disk full situation, check that you have not filled the disk with word-processing files or games. If you have indeed exceeded the limit of your hard disk, you will need to either increase the hard-disk capacity of your computer or delete some files. In either case, restoring your files will not directly solve your problem and you should contact your dealer for advice.

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