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This function is only relevant if you are using Fuels option. This menu leads to special programs used to setup and manipulate a table of Depots. At least one Depot must be defined for the system to work. The Depot does not relate to any Debtor or Creditor. It simply a starting point from which Gate Prices can be affixed.


The DEPOTS MENU is accessed as item 7 from the INVENTORY TABLES MENU. On selecting this function, the following will be displayed:



To return to the INVENTORY TABLES MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the DEPOTS file.


Name††††††††††††††††† Comments


DEPOT CODE This is the Depotís code. This is the code by which the Depotr will be referenced throughout HiFinance. It is an alphanumeric string from 1 to 15 characters long, without any leading or imbedded spaces. Please refer to APPENDIX A for a discussion of the ASCII collating sequence.


NAME†††††† The full name of the Depot. It may be up to 50 characters long. This field must not be left blank.


ADDRESS†††††††††† This is a group of 4 fields (including post-code) that allow you to insert the Depotís billing address. Use the third line for suburb or county.


CONTACT†††††††††† Insert the main contactís name here.


PHONE NUMBERS††† Here you may enter the work, home, Fax and Mobile phone numbers of the contact person. This is useful, quick reference information.


EMAIL††††††††††††††† Here you may enter the Depotís email address.

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