HiFinance 4




USAGE: To copy the details of one Fuel to another. The main use for this is when inserting a new Fuel and you wish to copy the discount and freight structures from a similar fuel This function is only relevant for those sites that are using the Fuels option.


DISCUSSION: When you start the program you are given the following warning:



Please read and take heed of this warning, as it is important. Also it is important to remember that the new Fuel type must have already been added. Also, it is usually necessary to pack the Freight, Deliveries and Rebates files.


To continue, press Y.


The next screen appears as follows:



Here you enter the exact code of the Fuel you wish to copy the data from and that which you wish to copy to. Both must exist. Enter both of these and you will be asked to confirm. Reply YES. The update will proceed automatically. If there is a problem, an error will appear on the screen and you will need to follow the instructions.

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