HiFinance 4




USAGE: To produce a complete list of all or a range of Inventory Groups with the period-to-date and year-to-date sales information. The report is always printed in Inventory Group code order.


DISCUSSION: If you have chosen to allow short and long form reports, you will be asked USE LONG FORMAT REPORT? Choose the form you wish by entering Y or N.


The screen will clear and you will be asked the following questions:


UP TO YEAR [ ] (L)ast, (T)his or (N)next year. PERIOD [..]

                            This report is generated up to a period. By default, this is the current period but you can change the period if you wish. Backdating does not undo the report to the status as it was at the end of that period. Eg if you have back-dated an invoice, it will be included in the report in the month it relates to. Also, the stock-on-hand figures are the current figures.


                            Enter a year, eg L for last year, T for this year or N for next year. Then enter the period number, 1 - 12, within that year. Note that next year can only have periods 1 - 3.


LIMIT REPORT TO LOCATION            This question is only relevant to companies using multi-location stock. In this case, you may either choose to print the report for one location or the combined total for all locations.


INCLUDE ALL INVENTORY GROUPS  If you do not wish to set any limits on the report, enter Y otherwise enter N. If you enter N, you will be asked a list of further questions.


FROM GROUP This is the lower limit of the Inventory Group code. Here you enter the code of the first Group you wish printed. The default answer is blank. This will start printing from the start of the Inventory Group file.


TO GROUP   This is the upper limit of the Inventory Group code. Here you enter the code of the last Group you wish printed. The default answer is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This will end printing at the end of the Inventory Group file. This entry must not be less than the starting Group code. If you choose the default for both questions all Inventory Groups will be included.


At each point when answering the above questions, you can press <ESC> and the program will reset and return you to the INVENTORY GROUP MENU.


When you have entered all the above information, press <F10> and you will be asked, START REPORT? If you answer N, the program will reset and return you to the beginning. If you enter Y, the screen will clear and the Inventory Group master-file will be read in. During this time the computer will be selecting Inventory Groups according to the selection criteria you have just entered and will generate the report. The Inventory master-file will be interrogated for each code in each group and the totals will be added up. If all totals for a Group are zero, the group will be skipped.


When the report has completed, HiFinance will return you to the INVERNTORY GROUP MENU.


The selection criteria are printed in the heading lines of the report. The report itself will detail the Inventory Group code, name, sales for the period in dollars and units, cos-of-sales for the period and the margin as a percentage. The margin is defined as the sale value less cost-of-sales divided by the sales value. Next the report will show the current stock-on-hand in dollars and units. Finally, the year-to-date sales information is printed. Year-to-date is defined as all periods from the beginning of the chosen year till the “up-to” period.


For short-form reports, the year-to-date totals are printed under the period-to-date, but the information is the same.


At the end of the report, all columns are totalled and the total of Inventory Group records printed in this run will be printed.

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