HiFinance 4




USAGE: Modify the details of an existing Auto-journal. This option is only used for changing the static information such as the name. It has no effect on any transactions you that may have already been posted. If, for instance, you had setup the journal with an incorrect value, you will have to correct the journals already posted, manually. New journals will be created correctly.


DISCUSSION: When you start the MODIFY program, the computer will initially display a search screen, as follows:





Choose a journal. For further details on searches, see SECTION 1.2.


Having chosen a record, the computer will display the current information pertaining to that auto-journal. You can modify any of the fields that are surrounded by brackets. Also, you have the following options available via the function keys:


<F1>                  This will cause HiFinance attempt to read the next auto-journal record. If there is one, it will be displayed. HiFinance will move to the next record without saving any changes you might have made.


<F4>                  This allows you to enter non-structured information pertaining to this auto-journal.


<F8>                  This forces a search through the General Ledger master-file. The account you choose will automatically be inserted into the either the Debit or Credit account. You will be given the choice after you have picked the account.


<F9>                  This will return you to the search screen, where you can choose another auto-journal record. The current record will not have been updated.


<F10>      will complete your entry, after checking for any inconsistencies and confirming your request. Your changes will be saved to disk, over-writing any previously stored information.


<ESC>      will return you to the GENERAL LEDGER AUTO-JOURNALS MENU without updating the Auto-journal master-file. If you simply wish to chose another record, use <F9> instead.

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