HiFinance 4




There are some transactions in the General Ledger that do not involve the bank. These include depreciation, loans, etc. This menu leads to programs that allow this type of transaction. There are several options on this menu. The first is for NORMAL JOURNALS. These post with one period and must balance to zero before HiFinance will allow update. The second is a similar function but you are asked for 2 dates and the journal is applied twice, once normally and the second time in revers at the second date. This type of journal is called a REVERSING JOURNAL and is used when you wish to shift sales and expenses to different periods to more accurately show profit in the correct accounting period. The third option is STANDING JOURNALS. This function allows you to enter a template for an often-used NORMAL JOURNAL. This entry does not, in itself, update any General Ledger balances. However, if you have a journal that you often use as part of your end-of-period processing, you can enter the shell of the journal here and this will speed the entry and end-of-period.


The GENERAL LEDGER JOURNALS MENU is accessed as item 3 from the GENERAL LEDGER MENU. On selecting this menu the following menu will be displayed:



To return to the GENERAL LEDGER MENU, press <ESC>.

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