HiFinance 4




The Bill-of-Materials sub-system is used to link Inventory items so that the system knows which are assemblies, which are components and how the components relate to the assemblies. This allows you to setup recipes for each assembly. Each assembly can also be a component for a higher assembly.


Once an assembly is defined, you can use the reporting functions to give you information on pricing and availability. The Data-entry function allows you to create assemblies from the components. This automatically updates the Inventory and inserts the stock of assemblies at the current cost-of-sales.


The BILL-OF-MATERIALS MENU is accessed as item 5 or <F5> from the MAIN MENU. On selecting this menu the following menu will be displayed:



To return to the MAIN MENU, press <ESC>.


Fields available on the BILL-OF_MATERIALS MASTER file.


Name                  Comments


ASSEMBLY CODE This is the Inventory code of the Assembly. It must relate to a valid Inventory item. There is only one of these per Assembly.


COMPONENTS This is the Inventory code of the Component. It must relate to a valid Inventory item. You can have as many Components as you like in an Assembly. The only limitation is that an Assembly cannot contain itself as a component and a component can only occur once in any Assembly.


UNITS      For each component you have to tell the system how many units are used in the Assembly. Obviously, this must be a positive number but does not have to be a whole number.

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