HiFinance 4




USAGE: To print a list of Fuel Sell Price for all or a range of dates, etc.


When you enter this program, the following questions will appear:


USE LONG FORMAT REPORT†††† If you are using wide stationery, reply Y, otherwise reply N. This question will only be displayed if the relevant option is set to A, see SECTION 7.1.2.


START A NEW PAGE ON CHANGE OF DEBOT†† If you wish HiFinance to insert a page break at the end of each Depot, reply Y. Otherwise the report will flow on continuously.


EXCLUDE ZERO PRICES If you answer Y to this question, the report will exclude and entries for which the price is zero. This will shorten the report but might miss information, eg. which fuels you might have forgotten to enter a price against.


The following question asks you to enter both a lower and upper limit. The upper limit must not be less than the lower limit. The default answers define the extreme limits of the field. You do not have to change all of these limits. Only change the ones you wish to, and tab past the others.


DEPOT CODE RANGE††††††† This is the Depotís code.


INVENTORY CODE RANGE††††††††† This is the Fuel code.


DATE RANGE†† This is the range of dates associated with each record.


To start the report, press <Enter> through each field or simply press <F10>.


The report itself will detail the Depotís Code, Supplierís name, the date, each Fuelís code and name, and the Sell Price.

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