HiFinance 4




USAGE: To copy a Special Pricing structure from one Debtor to another. If you have entered several special prices for a Debtor and then wish to give another Debtor the same prices, you do not have to re-enter the prices one-by-one. This function can duplicate the whole structure to the second Debtor.


Discussion: When you enter the program, you are asked for a Debtor code. This must relate to a Debtor that has at least one Special Price attached. If you wish to search for a Debtor code, press <F9>.


Next you will be asked to enter the code of the second Debtor. Again you can use <F9> to search. The “to” Debtor must not be the same as the “from” Debtor.


Before proceeding, HiFinance will check the “to” Debtor. If that Debtor already has Special Pricing, you will be given the choice of clear any existing links before duplicating the “from” structure. If you answer N, you will be asked if you wish to overwrite any existing records. If you answer N, HiFinance will copy the existing structure except where it finds an existing record attached to the “to” Debtor. If you answer Y, the duplication will overwrite any structure it finds. This combination of questions allows you complete control over whether the DUPLICATE program will create a new structure, overwrite the old one or add to the old one. If this is confusing, it is recommended that you backup your data and try a few combinations.


Finally, you are asked to confirm your choices and the program will begin the duplication process. When complete, you will be returned to the start of the program where you can either enter another Debtor code or press <ESC> to return to the SPECIAL PRICES MENU.

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