HiFinance 4




USAGE: This function is only relevant for those companies using the Bulk Locations option. This allows the maintenance of locations, in the warehouse, of pallets. It does not concern itself with the units on hand, only with the places, bulk stock can be found. The current program is used to enter, move and/or remove locations from the system.


DISCUSSION: When you start the program, the following screen will be presented:



To return to the menu, press <ESC>.


The following is a description of the fields displayed:


Name                  Comments


INVENTORY CODE This is the stock code you wish to enter. If you are not sure of the Inventory code, you may press <F9> to initiate a search.


FROM LOCATION Here you enter the location the inventory is being moved from. If this is new stock, leave the field blank. You would normally be entering this field from a work sheet (provided by the driver). If you enter a code and HiFinance insists that there is not bulk stock at this location, you can press <F9> to display the current locations for the current Inventory item. If there are no locations, <F9> will not be available.


TO LOCATION Here you enter the location the inventory is being moved to. If the pallet is being moved to a pick-face or is otherwise being deleted from the bulk locations, leave the field blank. You may not leave both this, and the above, field bank. If you enter a value into both fields, it means that you are moving the whole pallet to new location.


MOVED ON        Here you enter the date of the movement. It does not have to be today’s date as you might be entering old data.


At each point, you may cancel the transaction by pressing <ESC>. However, it is possible to return to a specific field by using <CsrUp> or <F8>. You can also finish a line by pressing <F10>.


When you have entered the last field, you will be asked to confirm your entry and then the fields will be updated. When the update is complete, you will be returned to the INVENTORY CODE field. Here you can enter another movement or press <ESC> to exit the program.


Files updated by the Bulk Location Transfer program:


Bulk Location master-file:    The location of the Bulk Stock will be saved as a record. This record only contains the location and the date the location was filled.


Bulk Location transaction file:          For each stock transfer, a transaction is created. This contains both the “from” and “to” locations, as well as the dated moved.

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