HiFinance 4




USAGE: This program is a special reversal program for Shipments. It reverses all transactions made on a Shipment that has already been updated. It is possible to manually credit all Invoices, return all Purchases, remove all Purchase Orders and re-enable any Sales Orders, but this program does it all at one time and also re-enables the Shipment so that it can be either corrected and re-updated or cancelled.


DISCUSSION: When you start the REVERSE SHIPMENT program, HiFinance displays a list of completed Shipment records. Choose the one you wish to reverse and press <F10> or <Enter>.


You will then be asked to confirm your choice. You must answer YES in full, otherwise no update will occur.


Note that HiFinance will check to see if any parts of the original update have been allocated or deleted. Critical missing items will stop the update from proceeding. Some missing items (eg Purchase Orders) will only display a warning. It is also necessary to have all transactions un-allocated and un-reconciled before HiFinance will allow the Shipment to be reversed.


When you choose to update, all transactions created I the original update will be reversed. Any Sales Orders linked to the update will be re-enabled and the stock on sales order will be updated. Any Purchase Orders created will be deleted. All transactions in the General Ledger and Inventory will be reversed. The Shipment will revert to a status of OPEN. You can then use AMEND/UPDATE (see SECTION to change the details on the order or CANCEL SHIPMENT (see SECTION to cancel the Shipment from the system.

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