HiFinance 4




USAGE: This program is the main way to initiate a Shipment. It creates a shell structure and secures a shipment number that can then be used to enter more information.


DISCUSSION: When you start the NEW SHIPMENT program, HiFinance will allocate the next shipment number available. You are then asked for a date. The screen will appear as follows:



By default, today’s date is entered for you. You can change this to any valid date. If you have changed the date and wish to restore it to today’s date, press <F1>.


It is absolutely important that you choose the date correctly. All buy and sell prices are computed with this date as the basis. Once the date is set for a Shipment, it cannot be changed.


HiFinance will display the day of the week (computed from the transaction date) and then you are asked to confirm that you wish to create the Shipment. When you enter Y, the Shipment header information record will be created and you will be asked to enter more information. The rest of the data entry is identical to the AMEND SHIPMENT program (see SECTION 1.3,9,3.2).

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